When is the Best Time to Get Pre-Settlement Funding?

Struggling to Pay Bills?

A pending personal injury lawsuit can take longer to settle than you have time to wait for money. If you are in need of money, there is no need to wait for your lawsuit case to settle. Getting a lawsuit loan to cover bills or pay medical expenses can help you get your life back on track and allow your personal injury case to advance and get closer to settling. A lawsuit loan, or pre-settlement funding, from Capital Now Funding is always provided for a fixed fee and we never charge recurring interest. Getting a settlement loan from us with zero recurring interest is a great way to stay ahead of any financial problems caused by a car accident, personal injury accident, or any other personal injury claim you may have a pending legal case against.

Lawsuit Needs More Time to Progress

You may have just received the first offer on your case, and it is lower than you expected. A lawsuit settlement loan advance can help you stay in the fight with the insurance company and give your attorney more time to get the settlement money that you deserve. By getting a lawsuit loan, you can let the case continue to progress without worrying about the financial stress that a personal injury or car accident has caused to your life.

Worried About a Credit Check?

Our pre-settlement funding is done without doing a credit check. That’s right, even if your credit is less than perfect, we only look at the details of the case to determine if we can provide you a lawsuit settlement loan advance before your settlement money comes in. Pre-settlement funding with Capital Now Funding is 100% risk free. We never check your credit and we never charge recurring interest.

What Can Pre-Settlement Funding Be Used For?

We give legal funding for all types of situations. Whether you need to catch up on bills, pay rent, or put down a deposit for a new vehicle, there are many ways a lawsuit pre-settlement loan advance can help while waiting on your settlement money.

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