Have You Used Our Attorney Portal?

We strive to make sure the Pre-Settlement Funding process is as easy as possible for every law firm we work with. That is why we built our CapTrack Attorney Portal!

Our CapTrack Attorney Portal provides an easy-to-use online tool to check and manage case payoffs. You can check when funds were received, how many times funding was provided, and the payoff amount for every transaction for each case and client.

Here are Three Reasons Why our Captrack Attorney Portal can help you:

You can check the payoff instantly - never miss a payoff amount or worry about always keeping up with emails. All of your clients' payoffs will be in one location and can be checked whenever you want.

Help clients assess further funding - Whenever your clients talk with you about additional funds, you will be able to have a clear discussion by checking their previous funding. Plus, because our funding is always Zero Recurring Interest, there will be no surprises!

Finalize settlements - when the case has finally finished, there is no need to track down emails, contracts or phone number. All of the payoff information will be in one easy, consistent place.

If your clients have received funding from us and you’re not set up to use the CapTrack Attorney Portal, Contact Us today so we can get you set up to use it!