How to Increase Client Confidence

If you want to have a better working relationship and get better results, you need to increase your clients’ confidence in you. They need to feel like you’re a genuine, hardworking authority in this industry – and that you’re capable of giving them the best possible settlement. But what’s the best way to establish this level of confidence with a new client?

The Benefits of Client Confidence

First, let’s cover some of the most important benefits of higher client confidence. It’s not just a superficial improvement:

  • Trust in your recommendations. Clients who feel confident in your abilities will be much more likely to trust your recommendations. If you tell them a settlement is a fair offer, they’ll be more likely to accept it, and if you tell them you can push for more, they’ll push for more. This can make it much easier to get a positive outcome – and it makes your working relationship much easier to manage.
  • Smooth communication. If a client is suspicious of you, or if they don’t fully trust your abilities, they’ll probably ask a lot of questions. They’ll impugn your ideas and may even push back against some of your most important recommendations. When your clients have total confidence in you, it will make all your communication much smoother and more manageable.
  • Openness and honesty. Clients who trust you will be much more likely to fully disclose information pertaining to the case. They’ll honestly answer your questions and transparently give you all the data you need. This will allow you to make more informed decisions and sustain a better working relationship.
  • Referrals and recommendations. Of course, the benefits extend beyond this isolated case. A client who’s both confident in your abilities and happy with the results of the case will be much more likely to refer other clients to you. If you do this consistently, you’ll be able to create a steady stream of referrals to support your law firm.

How to Increase Client Confidence

So what can you do to increase client confidence in your abilities?

  • Show off your credentials. From the outset, make sure you show off your credentials. Make it easy for people to find out where you went to school, how you’re accredited, and any awards you’ve won in the past. You can list these on your bio page on the company website and showcase your physical credentials in your office.
  • List your past experience. Similarly, it’s a good idea to list your past experience. What cases have you managed? What kinds of settlements have you won your clients in the past? The more information and context you can provide to your clients, the more they’re going to trust in your abilities. This is one reason why client confidence tends to compound over time; as you earn referrals from satisfied clients, you’ll get warmer, more confident clients as leads.
  • Set realistic expectations. Most unsatisfied clients have an issue with unmet expectations – either because the expectations were set too high or because you’ve underperformed in some way. You can avoid this easily by setting realistic expectations. Don’t promise more than you reasonably think you can achieve and do whatever you can to meet or exceed the expectations you do set.
  • Provide alternative outcomes. It’s also worth articulating alternate visions of what could come to pass. Prepare clients for a range of possibilities, including both best-case and worst-case scenarios. Be sure to reference your past experience with similar cases to boost client confidence even further.
  • Speak calmly and authoritatively. At least some client confidence will come from the way you speak and carry yourself. Throughout your client meetings, make sure you speak slowly, calmly, and authoritatively. Don’t dance around the subject and don’t babble; it’s much better to articulate your thoughts deliberately and carefully. Believe in yourself and that confidence will be projected outward.
  • Watch your body language. Similarly, it’s important to pay attention to your body language (if you’re meeting in person). Calmly gesticulating, sitting or standing straight, and making eye contact are strong confidence signals that can help bring a client to realize your expertise.
  • Communicate proactively and issue regular updates. Ongoing communication is crucial to earning client trust and respect. Try to be as proactive as possible, getting ahead of potential issues and keeping your client informed. Updating them regularly will prove how hard you’re working on the case, and assure them that progress is being made.
  • Do your research. You’re likely doing this anyway, but make sure you do ample research before your meeting. You don’t want to be caught off-guard with an obscure question you don’t know how to answer.
  • Be prepared to answer questions. It’s natural for clients to ask you questions about the case, and sometimes, about yourself. It’s your best opportunity to demonstrate both your knowledge and your openness. Be prepared to answer these questions as fully and honestly as possible – and try to anticipate common questions before they arise.
  • Actively listen. Sometimes, the best way to convince clients that you’re a lawyer worth hiring is to not say anything at all. Let your clients do the talking and actively listen to them, clarifying things as necessary and showing that you’re hearing them. It shows how much you care about their perspectives and makes you look more thoughtful and intelligent.
  • Offer other resources. Depending on the client, you might also want to suggest additional resources. For example, you might recommend settlement funding to a client with financial struggles. A solid settlement loan can help clients close the gap between your initial meetings and their actual receipt of the settlement money.

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