Pre-Settlement Funding – January Reviews

A personal injury accident can leave you without many options while you are waiting for your lawsuit to settle. If you need a loan against your lawsuit so you can wait for your settlement, Capital Now Funding is your best option. Not only do we offer all our funding for Zero Interest, we provide the best service and we can get you money in as little as 24 hours!

Capital Now Funding Provides the Best Customer Service

“Sarah was and is inviting, she was very friendly. I would absolutely refer capital now” – Michelle

“Bryce is great, called in on Friday got approved on Monday” – Jamie

“The customer service was excellent. They help me with everything I need” – Samaria

When you need a lawsuit loan or legal funding against your lawsuit while waiting on your settlement money, you deserve the best service from the best pre-settlement funding company. All of our settlement loans are done for a FIXED FEE with ZERO INTEREST. That is what we mean by Lawsuit Loans Simplified.

Reach out to us today to see if you qualify to receive an accident loan against your lawsuit settlement!

If you would like to apply for legal funding, Capital Now Funding is here for you! Apply Today or give us a call at 1-855-CAP-FUND to see if you qualify for loan against your lawsuit.


3 Ways Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Your Case

We hear it all the time: “We do not recommend pre-settlement funding for our client,” and we understand why. Pre-Settlement funding companies typically charge interest rates that escalate and compound throughout the case, ultimately consuming a large portion of your client’s settlement. In these instances, you are right for steering your clients away from pre-settlement legal funding. However, at Capital Now funding, we do not do things like the traditional pre-settlement funding company.

We want to change the narrative and change the industry! That is why everything we do is for a one-time fixed fee and we never charge interest. We call this Lawsuit Loans Simplified! We can tell you and your client on day one exactly what their payoff will be, regardless of how long the case takes to settle.

Here are three ways that Pre-Settlement Funding can help your case, not hurt it:

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Remove Financial Pressure from Your Client

Accidents create problems that your client never wanted, and these problems typically come with added expense to their lives.  Our Fixed Fee, Zero Interest model can help ensure that financial strain does not become a strain to the case as well.

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help the Case Take as Long as it Needs To

By removing the financial stress your client may be experiencing, you get a happier client, and it allows time to be on their side and not working against them.  Clients can get funding now to stick with the lawsuit for the long haul.

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Your Relationship to Your Client

Did we mention that getting your client money early can also make them happier?  We all know that happy clients are the best referral source as well.  Giving your client an option to get money now makes you the hero.  Help make the entire process better for them and advocate on their behalf with the funding company.

Helping your client in the funding process shows you care for their success not just in the settlement but also through the legal process while their life is in disarray. If you would like to talk with us more about our funding model or learn about our application process, Contact Us or give us a call at 1-855-CAP-FUND.

Attorneys – Add This to Your Toolkit!

We’re Here to Help

No one makes plans to have a personal injury accident or car accident. These events surprise people every day and many are left without money to provide for themselves. As an attorney, you know better than anyone the pressure your clients need for money can put on you to settle a case too early. This is where Capital Now Funding can help! We bridge the gap by providing your clients money now, without you or your clients having to worry about excessive fees or interest.

Pre-Settlement Funding Provides More Time to Negotiate Settlements

When injuries don’t allow your clients to work and their bills are piling up, the insurance companies know that they can offer the lowest amount possible to get a quick resolution to the case. You know that if the legal system were to play out, their case could be worth so much more! Pre-settlement funding from Capital Now Funding can provide your clients with money to cover routine bills and expenses and give the case much needed breathing room to get the full settlement amount your clients deserve.

Here are some of the ways your clients can use pre-settlement funding:

Capital Now Funding is Different

While many companies have high interest rates that continually accrue for the life of the case, our payback never increases! Capital Now Funding provides all of our funding for ZERO interest with NO RISK to your clients. No matter how long it takes to settle the case, our fixed-fee structure ensures there are no surprises at the end of the case.

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