Attorneys – Add This to Your Toolkit!

No one makes plans to have a personal injury accident or car accident. These events surprise people every day and many are left without money to provide for themselves. As an attorney, you know better than anyone the pressure your clients need for money can put on you to settle a case too early. This is where Capital Now Funding can help by providing pre-settlement funding! We bridge the gap by providing your clients money now, without you or your clients having to worry about excessive fees or recurring interest.

Pre-Settlement Funding Provides More Time to Negotiate Settlements

When injuries don’t allow your clients to work and their bills are piling up, the insurance companies know that they can offer the lowest amount possible to get a quick resolution to the case. You know that if the legal system were to play out, their case could be worth so much more! Pre-settlement funding from Capital Now Funding can provide your clients with money to cover routine bills and expenses and give the case much needed breathing room to get the full settlement amount your clients deserve.

Here are some of the ways your clients can use pre-settlement funding:

  • Paying for a deductible to have surgery.
  • Down payment on a new vehicle so they can get to work or treatment.
  • Staying on top of bills (rent, water, electric, etc).
  • Everyday Needs! – Prescriptions, Groceries, and Gas

Capital Now Funding is Different

While many companies have high interest rates that continually accrue for the life of the case, our payback never increases! Capital Now Funding provides all of our funding with ZERO recurring interest and NO RISK to your clients. No matter how long it takes to settle the case, our fixed-fee structure ensures there are no surprises at the end of the case.  And did you know that helping your clients get pre-settlement funding can also help increase client satisfaction?  For this reason alone, you should always make certain your clients are aware that pre-settlement funding is available if they need it and qualify.

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