How to Use Customer Surveys to Improve Your Law Firm

Most law firms are actively interested in improving their firm from the inside out, providing clients with better service and better overall experiences. But what, exactly, are your clients looking for? Are you confident that you understand your firm’s greatest strengths and weaknesses? What could you be doing differently? It’s hard to answer these questions […]

Do Lawyers Give Advances on Settlements?

Waiting to receive a settlement puts you in a precarious spot. You may be in line to receive tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for your injuries and other damages you’ve suffered. And if the case goes well, you might be able to settle early and win […]

Is Pre-Settlement Funding Right for Your Client?

Pre-settlement funding provides plaintiffs with a chance to receive money while they’re waiting for a case to settle. In a best-case scenario, they’ll get some financial relief and feel more confident about the future of the case; they might even be more inclined to send referrals your way and leave you good reviews. But if […]

10 Pain Management Strategies to Help You Through a Personal Injury

Suffering a personal injury in a car accident, a workplace accident, or some other incident can change your life forever. You may be completely out of commission, and you may be forced to deal with pain for years to come. If you’re also dealing with the stress of an ongoing lawsuit, it may be even […]

Can You Get a Loan on a Car Accident Settlement?

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you’ll likely be suffering from your injuries, the psychological trauma of the accident, and mounting expenses (as you’re unable to work). It’s not an enviable position, so it only makes matters worse when you find out that it could take months before you see compensation for your […]

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Lawyers (and How to Avoid Them)

Even with sufficient education and a bit of experience, new lawyers are prone to mistakes. It’s a near-inevitability in this career field. Fortunately, most mistakes aren’t career-ending, but it’s still important to be proactive and prevent the mistakes you can. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most common and most destructive mistakes a […]

Can Clients Get an Advance on Their Settlement?

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases are often eager to get their settlement so they can begin paying off their debts and returning to a normal life. But how can you get them a settlement faster? In this guide, we’ll examine a few important strategies you can use to expedite the settlement process without jeopardizing the […]

How to Find Settlement Loans Same Day Near Me

Settlement loans are convenient and helpful financial tools that can help plaintiffs get the money they need to make ends meet while waiting for a settlement to arrive. But getting the cash quickly and locally can be difficult. How can you find a settlement loan that can get you money immediately (or almost immediately)? And […]

Why a Settlement Loan Isn’t a Loan

You might have heard about settlement loans, a financial product designed to ease the financial burdens faced by personal injury clients and other plaintiffs waiting for a settlement. But the term “settlement loan” is a bit misleading, because this type of legal funding works very differently than conventional loans. What exactly are settlement loans? Why […]

How Does The Pre-Settlement Funding Process Work?

Lawyers are increasingly recommending pre-settlement funding to their clients. If your plaintiff is in line to receive a settlement for a personal injury (or other case), they’ll likely struggle with their financial needs in the meantime. Considering it takes months, or even years, for cases to resolve, this can be both stressful and discouraging. With […]