Cases We Fund – Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Did you file a wrongful death lawsuit due to a death of a loved one cause by someone’s negligence? When a family member or loved one dies unexpectedly in an accident, it’s challenging to have to undergo the grieving process yet hold someone accountable at the same time. The loss is hard enough to face, […]

Cases We Fund – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding

Did you file a medical malpractice claim as a result of a doctor’s negligence? Did something go wrong with a surgical procedure, or were you given the wrong prescription?  If you’ve been injured because of medical malpractice, you’re entitled to compensation. Medical bills pile up fast and can often reach tens of thousands of dollars […]

Cases We Fund – Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit Funding

Did you file a workers’ compensation claim after getting injured on the job? Does your injury prevent you from working in any capacity? If you’re losing income because of a workplace injury, workers’ compensation will cover you regardless of who is at fault for your injury. But it could be a while before you receive […]

Cases We Fund – Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding

Have you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence? Whether you became injured on the job, on another person’s home property, or at a business, you’re entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, the legal process takes time and sometimes the financial pressures of life are too great to wait for the case to be resolved.  That […]

Cases We Fund – Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

We understand that if you have been injured and are waiting on a settlement, sometimes the financial pressures of life are too great to wait for the case to be resolved.  That is why Capital Now Funding provides funding for a wide range of personal injury lawsuits.  If you have been injured in a car […]

Can You Get a Settlement Advance From a Lawyer?

Your lawyer has your back. You’ve hired them to represent you in a stressful and important case – and if you’ve made a good decision, your attorney will help you win a sizable settlement and support you along the way. However, your lawyer has little control over your personal finances, and may not be able […]

How to Prepare a Personal Injury Client for a Settlement Loan

Some personal injury clients will seek a settlement loan, giving them access to money immediately. But if you want your clients to have realistic expectations and use the money responsibly, you’ll need to prepare them to handle that loan appropriately. Fortunately, with the right information and a bit of support, your clients should be able […]

How to Make Ends Meet When You Can’t Work Due to Injury

If you’re seriously injured, you may be unable to work. That means you won’t have a paycheck coming in, and you may not have an opportunity to look for a different job. Even if you file a personal injury lawsuit, it could take months or years before you see the compensation money you’re due. So […]

The Ethics of Recommending Pre-Settlement Funding

Some lawyers understand that pre-settlement funding could help their clients get access to settlement money sooner, but have ethical or logistical concerns preventing them from recommending it. But is there truly an ethical issue with pre-settlement funding? The Ethical Dilemmas of Pre-Settlement Funding Let’s start by outlining some of the ethical dilemmas you might face […]

Is It Common for Lawsuit Funding Applications to Be Denied?

Being injured because of someone else’s neglect can be downright traumatic. On top of the physical pain you’re experiencing, and the mental and emotional strain of not being able to do the activities you enjoy, you’ll likely be managing a complex, lengthy lawsuit to win compensation for your injuries. With the help of a good […]