How to Be Fiscally Responsible With a Personal Injury Settlement

A personal injury settlement should give you plenty of money to pay your hospital bills, support your ongoing recovery, replace your lost wages, and even compensate you for your pain and suffering along the way. But there are a few issues with this framework: You won’t get your settlement right away. For starters, you’re not […]

13 Things to Know Before Getting a Settlement Advance

Dealing with a personal injury is always tough. Dealing with a lawsuit while still physically recovering is even more stressful. And to make matters worse, you could be stuck waiting for settlement money for years, all while your expenses continue to mount. A settlement loan, sometimes called pre-settlement funding, a settlement advance, or legal funding, […]

What Do Lawyers Need to Do to Establish Client Trust?

How much do your clients trust you? It’s a tricky thing to measure, but you’ll be able to feel the impact of that trust (or lack of trust) in your firm throughout the development of your relationship. So what does it take to build client trust from the ground up? How can you make sure […]

How to Maximize Personal Injury Compensation for Your Client

If you want happy clients and a good reputation for your law firm, it’s important to work to maximize personal injury compensation. Doing so will financially benefit your clients, increase your potential for earning good reviews and referrals, and even help you make more money in the process (since you’ll earn a portion of the […]

What You Should Do Following a Workplace Accident

It doesn’t matter how safe your workplace is, how careful you are, or how much of a priority safety is to your leaders. There’s still a chance you could suffer a workplace injury. Workplace accidents are somewhat common, and there’s no way to reduce their occurrence rate to zero. What you can control, however, is […]

How Many Pre Settlement Loans Can I Get?

With a pre-settlement loan, you can get immediate access to cash while waiting for your settlement to arrive. If you’re struggling with medical bills, household expenses, and lost income, this can be a major blessing. But what happens if you run out of the settlement advance money while your case is still pending? Is it […]

8 Tips for Lawyers Looking for Testimonials

Testimonials are often underrated as a tool for both professional development and business growth. If you’re looking for a way to boost the visibility of your law firm, or just improve its reputation, testimonials could be the perfect gateway. But what exactly is the value of testimonials for lawyers? And what steps can you take […]

Who Is a Good Candidate for Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you’re waiting on a legal settlement, you might be in a tough financial position. You might have stacks of medical bills coming in, with uncertainty on whether or not you’re going to get a settlement – or when that settlement might arrive. Your typical household expenses, including your mortgage, your groceries, and your utilities, […]

What Happens If a Client Runs Out of Money Before a Settlement Arrives?

As a lawyer, you’re responsible for giving your client the best representation and the best service you can. Sometimes, that means going above and beyond providing legal advice and helping your client get to a better financial position. It can take a long time for a personal injury case to settle – and even longer […]

10 Trust Factors to Look for When Shopping for a Settlement Loan

Settlement loans exist to help plaintiffs make ends meet and get early access to the money they’re owed in a legal case. In a best-case scenario, you’ll get the money immediately, pay for all your bills and ongoing expenses as necessary, and then pay back the loan plus a Fixed Fee when you receive your […]