How to Compare Two Settlement Loan Providers

Settlement loans have the power to help your clients, but they can also impose high interest rates and tough terms and conditions if you choose an the wrong provider. These days, lawyers have dozens of settlement loan providers to choose from – so how do you compare different providers and evaluate them if your end […]

How Consumer Legal Funding Produces Better Case Outcomes

Do you have clients inquiring about pre-settlement funding? Do you advise your clients to obtain this form of funding prior to their case being settled? Consumer legal funding has been around for a while, and you’ve probably been involved in at least a few cases where a client has obtained this source of funding. However, […]

Can I Get a Car Accident Loan While Waiting For A Settlement?

Someone who has been in a car accident and experienced serious injuries may not be able to work. As a result, they could easily be unable to earn a living and take care of their daily needs for weeks, months, or even years. What should they do if they need money while waiting for a […]

Attorneys: Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Grow Your Law Firm

You’ve probably seen the positive impact of consumer legal funding on clients who need money immediately. When a client is struggling financially, it’s harder to keep them focused on important matters. Pre-settlement funding will help keep your clients focused on their case, which will make your job easier. Pre-settlement funding makes your job is easier […]

How Can I Get a Loan From a Lawsuit Settlement?

If you were the victim of a personal injury, or if you’re currently embroiled in a lawsuit regarding some similar matter, you may be eagerly awaiting a lawsuit settlement. Your lawyer may feel confident that you’re going to win an ample sum of money, covering all the expenses you incurred because of the incident and […]

How to Make Your Clients Feel Heard and Understood

Being a good lawyer isn’t just about doing research, negotiating deals, and making good arguments in front of a judge. It’s also about building client trust and maintaining excellent relationships with your clients. To accomplish that, you’ll need to spend time making your clients feel heard and understood. But what’s the right way to approach […]

How Many Pre-Settlement Loans Can I Get?

Pre-settlement loans can give you the cash you need to manage your personal expenses and help you get through to the receipt of your settlement. But what if the first loan isn’t enough? Can you get another loan to help you meet all your expenses? And if so, how many loans can you get? The […]

How to Be a Better Lawyer Than Your Competition

If you want your law firm to succeed, or if you want to establish a better reputation within your own firm, you need to find a way to be “better” than your competitors. If you provide better legal services, you win more cases, and you have a better reputation, your career will develop into something […]

What Is a Car Accident Loan and How Can You Get One?

If you’re in a car accident and you expect to receive a settlement in the future, you may be able to take out a car accident loan. But what exactly is a car accident loan and how can you get one? The Problems With Car Accident Settlements Car accidents are notoriously expensive. A single collision […]

The Ultimate Guide to Recovery After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. Even if you’re expecting money from a settlement in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you’ll still have bills to pay in the meantime – and you might be out of work. Things are even worse if you were in an accident where you were partially […]