Attorneys: Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Grow Your Law Firm

You’ve probably seen the positive impact of consumer legal funding on clients who need money immediately. When a client is struggling financially, it’s harder to keep them focused on important matters. Pre-settlement funding will help keep your clients focused on their case, which will make your job easier.

Pre-settlement funding makes your job easier

Lack of money and being in debt tends to make clients frustrated, impatient, and combative. That’s not a good combination when you’re trying to help a client win their case.

When clients are combative, they’re more likely to dismiss your advice and make bad decisions. For instance, they’re likely to pressure you into settling their case as fast as possible at the expense of getting all the compensation they deserve.

When your clients pressure you to settle faster, you both miss out. When you’re working on a contingency/taking a percentage of their settlement, settling prematurely means getting paid less. However, their impatience is understandable, given that most people would rather have less money now than wait for more at a later time.

Start helping your clients get pre-settlement funding

Although your clients are free to do as they please, you’ll benefit greatly by encouraging and helping them obtain pre-settlement funding. That’s where we can help.

When your clients are approved for pre-settlement money through Capital Now Funding, they’ll get the money they need within 24 hours, without being charged any recurring interest.

Unlike other settlement loan companies that charge interest that accrues throughout the life of the case, we only charge a one-time fixed fee. Your client’s payoff is always fixed, and never changes throughout the entire case.

Best of all, if your client loses their case, they don’t have to pay back a single penny. Knowing this takes a huge burden off your clients so they don’t feel the stress and pressure of uncertainty. They won’t have to worry about getting deeper into debt just for being given an advance against their future settlement.

Pre-settlement funding helps clients with realistic expectations

When clients need money fast, they tend to develop unrealistic expectations for how and when they’ll receive their settlement money. For example, some people are under the impression that they’ll walk away with a check on their last day in court. Others think it will just be a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

The harsh realization of how long it takes for settlement money to arrive can be alleviated by helping your clients obtain consumer legal funding. Your clients will still need to wait for their settlement money, but they won’t feel the burden of being without money the entire time.

Your clients will be easier to work with when they have money

It’s unfortunate that a lack of money has the power to sway people’s emotions so intensely, but that’s what happens. When your goal is to win a case, you need your clients’ full cooperation. It doesn’t help when your clients are distracted by negative emotions rooted in a lack of money.

Pre-settlement funding will help keep arguments, disagreements, and other issues with your clients at a minimum. When they don’t have to worry about money, your clients will listen more and trust your advice more easily.

Consumer legal funding will help your clients achieve:

  • Peace of mind. Just having money in their bank account will make your clients feel peace of mind about their situation. They won’t have to scramble to borrow money from a friend or family member just to pay their bills until their case settles.
  • Financial relief. Chances are, while your client is going through their lawsuit, their bills will be piling up. It’s very possible that they were in a bad financial situation before, and the circumstances of their case have caused them to get into an even worse situation. For example, if they were involved in a car accident, their injuries might be preventing them from working. If they don’t have a padded savings account, their household bills are probably long overdue.
  • Less stress. Having money naturally keeps stress at bay. Most people feel really good when they get their paycheck and then start to stress out as the weeks go by and their money is depleted.

All of these things create a positive impact on your relationship with your clients. When you help your clients get pre-settlement funding, they’ll be extremely grateful for the help. That gratitude will make it easier for them to listen to you and heed your advice on important matters.

Most importantly, when your clients feel good because they’re not worried about money, they’ll give you the space to negotiate a proper settlement. They won’t be as likely to pressure you to settle quickly or for less money than you know their case is worth.

In this way, helping your clients get pre-settlement funding can really help your income.

Capital Now Funding provides risk-free, immediate money

When your clients need a settlement advance, you could direct them to any company, but Capital Now Funding is the only place you’ll find risk-free, zero recurring interest funding.

You know your clients’ cases better than anyone. When you send your clients to apply with Capital Now Funding, we’ll connect with you before approving their application to make sure they’re a match.

All of our fees are transparent and upfront. Everything is disclosed from the beginning, so you and your clients will know exactly what they’re being charged.

Once approved, your clients will receive their money within 24 hours by direct deposit, a same-day wire, or a check in the mail.

We provide fixed payoffs for the life of the case, and there is no obligation to pay back the money if your client doesn’t win their case.

Through our CapTrack Attorney Portal, you can track all of your clients’ payments so you’re always in the loop.

Get better case outcomes with pre-settlement funding

Want better case outcomes? Encourage your clients to apply for pre-settlement funding from Capital Now. Getting money into their hands quickly is the best way to increase the chances of obtaining the settlements your clients deserve.