How Consumer Legal Funding Produces Better Case Outcomes

Do you have clients inquiring about pre-settlement funding? Do you advise your clients to obtain this form of funding prior to their case being settled?

Consumer legal funding has been around for a while, and you’ve probably been involved in at least a few cases where a client has obtained this source of funding. However, you may not realize just how important it can be to your case outcomes.

There are an infinite number of factors that influence the outcome of a case. Your clients’ financial standing is just one of those factors, albeit, an important one.

Pre-settlement funding isn’t just for your clients – it’s for you as well. When your clients get cash in their pocket before their case is settled, it will positively influence your ability to settle their case.

Here’s why you should discuss consumer legal funding with your clients when they need fast cash.

Clients don’t have realistic expectations for settlements

Clients tend to have unrealistic expectations for how they’ll receive their settlement money. Some will expect to walk out of court with a check in hand, while others know it takes time, but still expect their money too soon. Few are aware that even the most clear cut cases will take months to resolve.

Naturally, you’ll review the possible outcomes and probabilities with your clients ahead of time, but there’s something about the promise of money that makes people believe they’ll be the exception to the rule. No matter how clearly you tell your clients it will be a while before they’ll receive any settlement money, in the back of their mind, they’re likely thinking it will come sooner.

Consumer legal funding can help you manage client expectations. When they get a portion of their money upfront, they won’t be hyper-focused on when they’ll get their settlement money. It will still be important, but the desperation will disappear. As a result, you’ll have an easier time managing their expectations for the settlement they’ll receive.

Clients feel better when they’re financially supported

Money tends to influence people’s moods, and when your clients are doing well financially, it’s easier to work with them.

Most of the time, however, your clients are going to be in a position where they are short on cash. People tend to get frustrated and even combative when they don’t have enough money to cover bills and other expenses.

Consumer legal funding can provide your clients with enough money to keep them from going into debt or getting behind on bills, which will alleviate a great deal of stress.

When your clients feel better about their financial situation, they’re less likely to be combative and reject your advice or argue over things they don’t understand.

You’ll experience less pressure to settle prematurely

Let’s face it: clients can make you feel pressure to settle faster than you’d like, which means less settlement money for them. When you’re working on a contingency for a percentage of the settlement, this also means less money for you.

It’s in your and your clients’ best interest to take your time negotiating a settlement agreement. When a client is pressuring you to speed up the process and settle prematurely, it’s almost always because they need money immediately and are willing to settle for less to get the money right away.

Consumer legal funding changes this dynamic. When your clients obtain pre-settlement funding, they’ll be calm, and you can take your time negotiating the settlement they deserve.

Capital Now Funding has the no-risk funds your clients need

When you’re looking for a settlement advance for your clients, you have to be careful who you recommend. Your clients are trusting you, so refer them to Capital Now Funding to obtain the pre-settlement funding they need.

Here’s how our litigation funding works:

  • Zero risk. Capital Now Funding is non-recourse. If you lose a case, your clients don’t have to pay anything back. This assurance gives clients peace of mind, knowing they’re not getting into more debt.
  • Transparent fees. All fees are disclosed in the beginning, so your clients know exactly what they’re being charged for their pre-settlement funds.
  • No recurring interest. Unlike some other companies, we don’t charge interest. This is the best reason to choose Capital Now Funding for pre-settlement funding. With other companies, interest continually accrues throughout the life of the case, making it more expensive for your clients.
  • Fixed payoff. The payoff is fixed for the life of the case. Other companies charge interest which makes the payoff constantly changing.
  • Fast funds. We provide funds within 24 hours through direct deposit, a same-day wire, or a traditional check.

Your clients deserve funding now

Without your guidance, most clients won’t know pre-settlement funding is available. Many people know they can take out a loan, but they don’t know there’s another option. Helping your clients get some cash in their pocket before their case settles can make a huge difference in their case outcome.

We make the application process easy for your clients. Our online application is easy to complete, and there are no papers to send through the mail. We don’t even require your clients to download any third-party apps or create an account.

Qualified clients will receive their funds within 24 hours of being approved. You know your clients’ cases better than anyone, so we’ll consult with you before providing financial assistance.

We also make it easy to track your clients’ payments. Once a client has been approved, you’ll have access to our CapTrack Attorney Portal, where you can see when funds have been received, along with the payoff amount for each of your cases and clients.

Get better case outcomes with Capital Now Funding

It’s much easier to get your clients the settlements they deserve when they’re not under extreme financial stress. Next time you’re working for a client who needs money fast, contact us or refer your client to apply for pre-settlement funding.

Relieving your clients’ financial worries can make all the difference in your ability to properly settle their case.