How Do I Get Pre-Settlement Funding? 

Once you decide that you want to get a lawsuit loan for a car accident or if you think pre-settlement legal funding is right for you, the next step is choosing the best lawsuit funding company for the job. Once you look at the facts, it is easy to see that Capital Now Funding simply provides the best deal available on the market: 

  • We provide pre-settlement legal loans that are NO RISK, for a FIXED FEE, and charge ZERO RECURRING INTEREST.  
  • Unlike other funding companies with rates that escalate at various intervals until settlement, our rate NEVER changes over time. This fact alone saves you a lot of money. 
  • NO RISK means if you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing. Zero. 
  • Capital Now Funding has provided thousands of satisfied clients with legal loans and our pre-settlement funding to help you wait for the settlement you deserve. 

We are here to make the application process easy, provide the best pre-settlement legal loans, and protect you with FIXED FEE, ZERO RECURRING INTEREST funding all the way to settlement. Our process is quick and easy, you can apply in less than 5 minutes online or over the phone, we make contact with your attorney’s office to get more information about the case, and then our underwriters review your case to see we are able to provide funding. We can have an answer and have your funds to you within 24 hours! 

Does it ever take longer than 24 hours to receive my funds? 

Every case is unique and every accident or injury is different.  Our underwriters review the facts of each case and determine whether funding is an option.  Delays in communication with your attorney can also slow down the process.  Therefore, we always ask that you reach out to your attorney and let them know you have requested funding from Capital Now Funding. 

 Do I always get the amount of money I request? 

As we mentioned before, every accident is different, and every personal injury loan request is unique.  Our underwriters review the facts of the case and determine what amount of money they believe is supportable by the case at the time of the request. 

Can I reapply again in the future? 

You can always reapply again for another lawsuit injury settlement loan again in the future.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or call 1-855-CAP-FUND today!

So Don’t Wait – Apply For Lawsuit Funding Now – it’s EASY, FAST, and COURTEOUS!  

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