How Can a Lawsuit Loan Help Me? 

There are many benefits to receiving a lawsuit loan from Capital Now Funding against your injury accident settlement. When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you will have to wait to receive your settlement in the future, but pre-settlement funding, or more commonly referred to as a lawsuit loan or legal loan, is a way for you to receive money against a future settlement NOW while you are waiting for your lawsuit to finish.

What can I spend my lawsuit loan on?

A lawsuit settlement loan can be spent on anything! Whether you need help with groceries, to pay a deductible on surgery, or money towards a new vehicle after a car accident, getting a lawsuit loan can be a great way to get cash now while you wait for your lawsuit to settle.  Lawsuits take time and you need to be in a financial position to allow your attorney time to properly work your lawsuit and get you the best settlement possible.

Can I get pre-settlement legal funding while my lawsuit settlement is pending? 

Yes, while your lawsuit is pending, you can get a legal loan from Capital Now Funding for immediate relief. 

A lawsuit loan from Capital Now Funding helps car accident victims get back on their feet before their auto injury lawsuit case is settled.  You may be injured and not able to work and a legal loan could help you pay your bills while you are waiting for your case to settle. This way, you can live now and get immediate help with the bills you are facing now – such as rent, living expenses, medical bills, and more. 

There are many kinds of car accidents, but they all can be a huge burden for victims and their families, with unfortunate outcomes such as physical, financial, and mental anguish.   

Auto accidents that cause serious injuries are often life changing and being able to pay your bills so you can afford to wait patiently for your lawsuit to settle is important. So, obtaining a lawsuit settlement loan or an accident loan can be your best option.  

Capital Now Funding is your best option for pre-settlement legal funding. With most other pre-settlement loan companies, the longer your case takes to settle, the more money you have to pay back due to rising interest rates on their lawsuit loans, but not with Capital Now Funding! Our FIXED FEE funding with ZERO INTEREST means your payoff never increases – no matter how long it takes to settle your case. And because our funding is non-recourse, if you lose your case, you owe us nothing – that’s NO RISK. 

No risk. Fixed Fee. Zero interest. That’s the bottom line. Capital Now Funding is the best pre-settlement legal funding company for you!

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